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Artista Elisabet

Artista Elisabet

Houston, TX


Art Lovers,

Welcome to my artsy world. My creativity allows me freedom that is indescribable. I'm inspired by the beauty I see in simple things - colors, textures, patterns and forms. I love using mirrors in my pieces to convey that my art is a reflection of me. There have been recurring themes in my life that exemplifies who I am: empowerment, expression, insight, inspiration, passion, humanitarian.

I hope you enjoy my work, as much as I enjoy creating it!

Creatively yours,

Artista Elisabet


Artista Elisabet, a talented artist born in Germany to Spaniard immigrants, currently resides in Houston, Texas. She is a retired professional flamenco dancer who toured extensively throughout Europe before moving to the United States. With a bicultural identity, her diverse cultural background brings a unique perspective to Houston's art community. Artistically talented for as long as her parents can recall, they noticed she had an immediate attraction to shapes, textures and color and encouraged her to begin drawing as a young child. Artista Elisabet finds color absolutely invigorating and believes in the "power of color". Matched with an exploratory spirit, her enchantment with color is reflected in her work as a contemporary fusion of an eclectic, abstract and kaleidoscopic world. She concentrates on delivering artistic expressions such as paintings, sculptures, life and belly castings (Elly Belly) and handicrafts on various media including canvas, wood and recycled materials. Kind hearted and strongly believes in donating her gift to benefit others; Artista Elisabet has significantly contributed her time and artwork through fundraising.

As a humanitarian, Artista Elisabet is making it her life goal to raise awareness for breast cancer. Her vision is to celebrate, empower, and inspire breast cancer survivors through life casting as a form of hope. Her campaign "I CAST BECAUSE I CARE" encourages all women to get screened.
She also, has a soft spot for children and her relationship with a friend's son lead her to become heavily involved with the Down Syndrome Association of Houston (DSAH). She redesigned the DSAH logo and leads therapeutic art classes with the DSAH children and was awarded as Artist of the Year 2011. Additionally, her artwork and time has benefited: the American Heart Association, the Barbara Jordan Foundation, Hashoo Foundation, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Periwinkle Foundation, Texas Children's Cancer Hospital, Tahirih Justice Center, Pink Door Non-profit Organization, and a host of other fundraisers.

Artista Elisabet believes there's an artist in everyone and is always looking to inspire and empower others to discover their own creativity. She enjoys luring the inner creativity out of the participants in her art workshops and classes.

Past Exhibitions
Selected artist for Times Square Billboards Animated Art Collage, July 2014
Art Takes Miami at the Art Basel, Miami, December 2013
University Villanova Philadelphia Art Exhibition Hispanic Heritage Month, August 2013
The Story of the Creative Art Exhibition in New York, July 2013
Semifinalist for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Exhibition at the Houston Museum of African American Culture, 2013
Art on the Avenue Art Exhibition in the Juried Competition, 2013
Charming Charlie Art Exhibition in the Galleria Houston, 2012
Lori Betz Gallery Art Exhibition, 2012
Hashoo Foundation Plan B Art Exhibition Fundraiser, 2012
Down Syndrome Association Gala, 2011
Semifinalist for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Exhibition at the Houston Museum of African American Culture, 2011
Medical Forum Scholarship Art Exhibition Printmatters, 2011
House of Dereon, Scion Art Exhibition, 2007
Art Angels
Get it Girl: Grab Your Girl & Grow Conference
Barbara Jordan Foundation for the “Unique Ability Awards”
Auction art pieces Melodrama Boutique
Artsplosion Magazine Publishing
Silent Auction with Arts Lyrica
Mother Earth Exhibition
Natural Resource Salon
7 Deadly Sins – Art of Culture Art Exhibition
MOCAH Reflection Art Exhibit
Butterfly art banner (Amanda’s tribute to her daughter)
Breast Cancer Pink Door Gala
Sculpture by Design Gallery “One Night Stand” Art Exhibition
Queens Orientation Meeting at the Museum of Cultural Arts
Todd Nunnally Private House Exhibition
Home Show with Gabe Hays


Untitled by Artista Elisabet


World Peace by Artista Elisabet


Connection by Artista Elisabet


Bailando Collection September 2014 by Artista Elisabet


LOROS by Artista Elisabet


Untitled by Artista Elisabet


Faces In Life Collection by Artista Elisabet


Just smile by Artista Elisabet


Take Notes by Artista Elisabet


New Collection September 2014 by Artista Elisabet


New Collection September 2014 by Artista Elisabet


Perception 4 by Artista Elisabet


Perception 2 by Artista Elisabet


Perception 1 by Artista Elisabet


Perception 3 by Artista Elisabet


See it positive by Artista Elisabet


Untitled by Artista Elisabet


Untitled by Artista Elisabet


Just because by Artista Elisabet


Mad Love by Artista Elisabet


Swan by Artista Elisabet


What if you would loose your eyesight by Artista Elisabet


LISTEN by Artista Elisabet


Square Moments by Artista Elisabet


B U-nique by Artista Elisabet


The spanish eye by Artista Elisabet


Peaceful by Artista Elisabet


Elegante by Artista Elisabet


Healing by Artista Elisabet


LOVE - A Mother's Beauty by Artista Elisabet


Flower Power by Artista Elisabet


Yorki Heaven by Artista Elisabet


Unity-Love-Peace in this World by Artista Elisabet


King Di-nojoel by Artista Elisabet


The Key to my he-Art by Artista Elisabet


Tree of Life by Artista Elisabet


Ole - My other Passion by Artista Elisabet


Zoe by Artista Elisabet



Untitled by Artista Elisabet


Queen of he-ART by Artista Elisabet


Violina by Artista Elisabet


Untitled by Artista Elisabet


TRUE POWER by Artista Elisabet


Spanish Guitar by Artista Elisabet


For the love of Basketball by Artista Elisabet


Dance through your Journey by Artista Elisabet


Untitled by Artista Elisabet


Gipsy by Artista Elisabet