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Read ONLY...if your creative inner voice comes as naturally as breathing.

October 31st, 2012

Read ONLY...if your creative inner voice comes as naturally as breathing.

What if the world would not have electricity anymore....what would happen?

Don't be afraid to express your passion. True creative Power is working collectively as a teacher, student, leader, listener and as one who understands. Be a positive force looking for a great cReAtIvE solution instead of crying over color that has been spilled. Develop yourself through creating, speaking, writing, media, music, art in general and other forms of self-expression. Empower and inspire others. I have noticed that in Life its never about the big Win, the goal, the accomplishment. I do believe that it is about the cReAtIvE process and the path you take to get there and who you become as you walk it. FOCUS on THAT! Turn your favorite hobby into a career, adding more JOY & HAPPINESS. Embrace your authentic real self, while also being a great team player. Become more the REAL you in whatever you do. Be U-nique, clever, innovative and willing to take risk and shakes things up....just think outside the box! Bring your passions to work or your work to passions. It will be only perfect if it really delivers your deep feelings and passions. Art is liberating!!! Art is healing and so fulfilling! Feel totally in control when flying through your cReAtIvE journey and learn how to rock and roll, when the wind of change rip off your brush! It's liberating! It's freeing you up and transforming you to adapt to new MASTERPIECE condition to connect within you. Call it the unpredictable REVOLUTION of CREATIVE GROWING and EXPANSION.
Express it!

Peace, Artsy Love and Smiles
Artista Elisabet